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Monday, March 06, 2006

is it just me...

...or are things looking pretty mezmorizingly bleak?

Here's the top 3 news items that upset me today:

The US wants to go even further in debt... for the 4th time, it's asking for a raise in the debt credit limit. um. hello? Republicans: whatever happened to that "fiscal responsibility," and "less" government is "better" government, balance everything out, BS line-of-rhetoric that is supposed to be "important" to you guys. I may be a pansyass liberal arts writer-teacher wannabe, but I know how to balance my checkbook, live within my means, and work to pay things back.

South Dakota bans abortion... whatever else, even if our supreme court decides to stick with a 30-f/ing-years-ago decision, we've wasted time and money on an issue that will never have consensus and has the ability to divide this country even further (if that's possible). Respect your womens, folks!

US is now threatening Iran... um. yeah. not a good moment to wave our guns over more islamic nations. a tip: they don't like us very much right now. Granted, I don't want a semi-militant nation in the midst of Middle East turmoil to have nuclear arms capacity any more than the next guy, but tippy-toe might be a better way of working on things right now.

So yeah. Thankfully so's-n-so in my personal life is pretty damn cute, or right now I'd be in a verybadmood. But so's not to capitulate to my complacency, I think I'm going to have to get crazy soon, and do something to help curtail the downfall of life on earth as we know it (the good stuff, that is. the bad stuff can end any day now, and with my permission and blessing).
I'm with you. Fucking wombless assholes (I mean men. And not all men. Just South Dakotan governors and their minions. (Not mignons, no way.)).

Today I: almost fell on the way to the train; waved at a girl I don't like only to realize she was looking at someone else; went off about a dictionary being both definite and indefinite in my class; sliced my finger on a staple; bled all over my deposit envelope; was caught by my boss on my cell phone at my desk; slammed my finger in my drawer; hurt somebody I love deeply's feelings.

Why am I telling you this? Because things going bad is both macrocosmic and microcosmic. Which is which? No, really.
alls I know is that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and/or Rice probably had a hand in all of the above. yep.

and since "macro" almost spells "macaroni" and "micro" almost spells "my cro-magnon buddy," I'm just as lost as you are. even Jupiter is getting acne over the stress of it all.

hugs, pinches, and gin-tonics for your verybadday.
Come on guys...things ain't that bad...there's still cheese...and kittens...and sunshine...and, um, that upstart Illinois senator?
"these are a few of my fa-vor-rite things. when the dog bites, when the..."

[i didn't say i had a bad day, maybe a stressful day but not a bad day. i've been having good days, good busy days. soooooomebody made me a present. thiiiiiiiis is me mooning a little. but the world news still sucks ass. :)]
there's something in the air from the wind off the lake ..i am having an exhausting day ... and your post frustrated me... i have to admit i've been so busy with my own small world i hadn't looked at the news today ... too depressing ... as for hurting someone you love Lindsay - i think it's the hazards of loving, right? my family has nominated me as the one to speak to someone in my family about something that no one wants to talk to ...i'm telling you there's something in the air of the wind off the lake ~ partybarn
ah, the wind... feels baulmy lately, don't it?
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