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Sunday, January 18, 2009

in case you were wondering, "shut the fuck up" is always the best policy

Sorry. That wasn't for you. That's just my new motto.


Last weekend, for to celebrate my first week teaching, I took Herald down to Skagit during the floods and we took a walk in the Northern State Hospital park grounds, which used to be an insane asylum back before the seventies shut-down of asylums (in my birth year, heh). This place is a weird one; rumor is they practiced full frontal lobotomy and had a whole building dedicated to electoshock therapy. And at the far side of the place, there's a cemetery commemorating the people who died while living there. The creepy thing--there are no headstones; it's just an empty, green field, sown with the unknown. I guess the place used to be self-sufficient too, so most of the buildings are barns and silos and such, but all gone to disrepair.

I like the place. It's on the haunting side and the first time I visited it was during this past summer with my sister, with the sunset falling just as we were leaving and barn owls rustling off their perches to start hunting against the green and pink. My plan, I don't know why, is to take a series of pictures of the place. I also want to read more about it, and see if there's anything to add. Maybe / maybe not - it seems like it's already been represented and misrepresented, and what more could any piece of history ask for?

So, for now, here are some pics (many are a bit blurry because the bloody rain. I couldn't keep the water off the lens even with a plastic bag, my hands, and two lens rags. Herald was sniggering at me.).

Northern State Hospital
Northern State HospitalNorthern State HospitalNorthern State Hospital

Northern State Hospital
Northern State Hospital
Northern State Hospital
Northern State Hospital
Northern State Hospital
Northern State Hospital
Northern State Hospital


In other news, teaching is whupping my buns. It's back to reading, reading reading, and to top it off, I've lost some of my facility in the classroom--that easy pleasure in just being in there. Now I feel like I'm struggling to figure out what to say all the time, and I've picked up a few speech patterns that are not so spectacular. Like trying to explain in a variety of ways, failing towards the end, and saying: "Um. Yeah, that."

I'm a bit on the tired side, but it does feel great to be back at work. And I'm also trying to get myself back into a real writing habit, but that's going over like bog juice at a cocktail party. Maybe it's an okay place to start, but my brain just feels empty.

Bez.. Your photo's are breathtaking. would you take me to the asylum the next time you go, please, please with sugar on top?
Here's a writing prompt for your "empty brain," it's taken from my creative writing book and although you've likely done this stuff many times before, it may help your creative process now.

Perhaps you will choose one of the themes below to begin your writing. They are associated with setting, pick one and imagine the place it refers to, then brainstorm a list of images. Arrange them into lines. Use the name of the place as your title, perhaps?
- ghosts of the past live here
- I will destroy this place
-I want to go home
- History happened there
Have no judgments on your writing, but do have fun being creative.
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