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Friday, January 27, 2006

advice welcomed

I'm having schedule dilemmas again... yeah yeah, so what's new. So you, my friends and family, are going to weigh in on the decision if you so choose.

What I'm signed up for now is a streamlined schedule of classes that would all lead me down the path of producing a great deal of writing... focused writing... towards a novel. It consists of a surrealism class, a novel-writing class, and two one-on-one interactions with teacher-writers.

What I "want" to sign up for will probably make me go completely crazy and have no, and I mean no, spare time. In this hypothetical situation, I would get rid of a one-on-one teacher interaction (30 minutes a week, all about the writing I'd already be doing) and exchange it for a letterpress book-making class of monstrous proportions (6 hours in class and probably twice that amount out of class). The appeal: the book examples I saw were gorgeous handmade creations.

I could also potentially drop the novel-writing class for a "projects/process" class that might allow me to focus more on the book-making and less on the writing. This is a third option, by the way, to limit the degree of maniacal behavior. But I *should* be writing lots, as was pointed out to me by my "self-appointed SAIC writer grandmother."

So, the Q: Should I be focused or should I be manic//creatively-multitasking?
I veto dropping the novel.
You can go crazy and still hold it close to your heart.

Veto...(in a whisper)...veto.
i woke up this morning and thought about what comment i would leave for myself on my own blog entry. already going crazy.
cc, i think i won't go over your head and veto your veto. viva la insanidad. oh my.

truthfully: i'm scared of the novel class. will you hold my hand in it sometimes? :)
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