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Saturday, April 08, 2006

my hopes, goodish news

I've been fretting because I applied for the same position as many of my friends, and I wanted all of us to get it, nobody at the expense of the other. Despite this, I'm still pretty pleased that I got a TA position and will be teaching my own class next year at the Art Institute.

The title of this class is something around the idea of "Political to Personal, or Personal to Political." In this class, we're gonna look at the relationship of our personal lives, and art, to the public forum. I think I'll start with the annoying cliche, "The personal is political," and with the students, probe the extent of its truth and potential. I'm going to teach Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and also Love Medicine for the different ways in which the "public" inserts itself into the psyche. And of course, there will be a little chicken & egg discussion on how things move from global to internal or vice-versa.

Anyhow, I'm excited, and interested in any suggestions. I'm going to teach 3 papers and 1 group project, which will take place in the blogosphere. My overall goal is to leave corrupt politicians with a little less armroom due to 14 students entering the art world with more awareness of how they impact the world. And I also hope that I can start incorporating more agitation into my own fiction.

Congratulations, you brilliant woman you!

Where the hell where you last night??!!

i've got a fever. and headache. and stuffy. bleps. strange dreams too. but i thought alcohol and goodfun probably would make it worse, so i cursed and felt grumpy instead.

i want to sleep, not write stuff for my critique-panel tomorrow. sigh. i also want my momma and some hot chicken soup. :)... I'm such a baby.
Congratulations bez! Sounds like an interesting class and subject matter.
ms. commentatory commenterer. thanks, it'll be epic...
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