n. infantile pattern of suckle-swallow movement in which the tongue is placed between incisor teeth or between alveolar ridges during initial stage of swallowing (if persistent can lead to various dental abnormalities) v. [content removed due to Bush campaign to clean up the internet] n. act of nyah-nyah v. pursuing with relentless abandon the need to masticate and thrust the world into every bodily incarnation in order to transform it, via the act of salivation, into nutritive agency

Monday, March 12, 2007


hot diggery dog, this dude thinks ho-mo-sex-e-ality is immoral (based on his upbringing). absolutely. and since we're on the topic: as i've said so many times before, i personally think that copulating rabbits, cucumbers, sneering, basil ice cream, green eyes, lip piercings, dictionaries without prefaces longer than ten pages, short sentences, plastic, war, non-biodegradable diapers, plants with no flowers, black curtains, cold weather without snow, teletubbies, american idol, yellow (in general), turtlenecks, blank faces, that light that sneaks in under a closed door when you want it dark and need to sleep, pop-country, misrepresentation*, peeing while on the phone, violins, orchestra pits, peach pits, armpits, ample spaces, cow liver, critique panelists who get paranoid and think they're on trial just because someone's taping them, craigslist personals, non-sushi foods, jellyfish, grime that gets caught in your eye when you aren't around a mirror to fish it out, mean people, being mean, those people who enjoy mean people or being mean, blowoffs, blowhards, hardasses, asses that aren't hard, blubber, the word flensing, judy blume in general now that i think about it, non-agnostics, grey clouds (unless they have a silver edge), toni morrison, that look my sister gets which means she's going to say something that's going to be so completely true and unflattering that i won't sleep for three days, the word blog, blog stalking, stockings on blonds, bullshit about morality**, card games, not winning, lack of second dates, patchouli, excess of chest hair, foot odor, the odor particularly attached to my foot, coughing, other people coughing, lumpy beds, hairless cats, little dogs except my sister's, rainbows, alarm clocks, people who listen to bullshit about morality***, rain, sun, peanut butter on celery (what an S&M contraption that one is), S&M, raymond federman, my plants when i've forgotten to water them and they wilt and remind me how forgetful i can be, iTunes, time as experienced in the third dimension, art i don't get, language i don't understand, language i do understand but for some reason doesn't jibe with my mood, and panty liners are all incredibly immoral (this list is based extensively on my unbringing).

ban 'em. ban 'em all to hell.

*/**/***some of these items misrepresent what i really find moral or immoral, which according to a strange conjunction of starred items, means that this very post is immoral and that you, by extension, are immoral for having read it, and thus you and i must also be banned, or at least not allowed to serve this beautific nation without sufficiently hiding any immoral character. but then we'd be misrepresenting ourselves, so then we'd need to hide that we were misrepresenting ourselves, and hide the fact that we're hiding our misrepresentation, and then hide the fact that we're hiding the fact that we're hiding our misrepresentation, etc.

(don't forget: jesus loves you.)
I just read the Tribune article this morning...and am wondering, why the hell don't CNN, the Washington Post, the NY Times, the SF Chronicle, the Boston Globe, even the LA Times (another Tribune paper), mention this on the front page of their websites? Abu Ghraib, continuing reports of US Troop brutality against Iraqi and Afghani citizens, but, seriously-it's the homosexuals that are immoral. I am so disheartened.
I love basil ice cream (Mallards has the best), peanut-butter on celery (or even cream cheese on celery), peeing while on the phone (especially while at school and it's the only time to fit in a quick, needed call), and (I'm slightly ashamed to admit)the smell of a lovers armpit.
But most of all, I LOVE VAGINA!!

Wow, I am, even by your standards, being the immoral person that you are, immoral!
F.Y.I. Did you know that the Bible only speaks of men sleeping with men as an immoral act.
Nowhere does it condemn the act of woman sleeping with woman (not that it matters or means anything,but its a little bit of info you probably don't care about).
Plus, 99% of the bible was written by mortal men who were extremly influenced by the ethos of their day,biggotry and male superiority! Hey, things really haven't changed much.
j,... yeah, it's enough to make one weep in frustration. killing people: no problem. people who make a lifestyle choice that harms no one (but may however bring pleasure): immoral. and it's odd, but this topic has been floating around - i think i read on juan cole awhile ago that they've been discussing the fact that of the out homo's who've been ejected from the army, a bunch of them are arabic specialists - enough to make a huge difference, which is only reason why, really this topic is coming back (use em, use em, use em), but still it's one of the most underreported topics ever. the whole thing makes me clench my fists, grit my teeth, and repeat 50x under my breath that I can't punch anyone.

l-you wanton hussy, you.

cheers, -bez
i like how "l-you wanton hussy, you" almost reads like "i want you, you hussy." very funny, words.
Very funny indeed,Bez!
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