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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

one job down


So, I've been offered one teaching gig (a night class) at a Chicago bilingual college, and have taken it. It remains to be seen what it'll be like, as it involves a longish but do-able commute, and I winced badly when the interviewer / chairperson told me that the basic idea is to teach the 5-paragraph essay (it's a Composition I class, wherein I usually spend one day teaching the 5PE, and the rest of the semester snidely insulting the 5PE while offering far more taxing and fun alternative structures). Plus, the whole syllabus is laid out, with the reader and resource-book chosen for me, so it's pretty limited as far as these Comp classes go, but accomplishes what I want, which is to keep my foot in the teaching door while I figure out what's going to happen after this six-month figuring period is up.

However... I also need a day job. & badly, as those loans are going to be interest-ting my life for some time, and I would ideally like to pay them back quickly, or at least build up a savings account, so I can look into alternating between jobbies, being abroad, looking into press work, applying for residencies, and yes... writing.

Hmmmmm. Day job that pays okay: what will you be?

But the new 'problem' is that this college just offered me a second class in Comp II, but this class is a morning gig once a week... so, it could potentially disrupt the day job possibilities I would be looking at. So hard to decide this kind of stuff. When you're jobless and panicking, the first instinct is to jump on everything and anything that comes along, but teaching is a total commitment - not just like I can change my mind if I find something more lucrative.

Nonetheless, I'm relieved at having found a start. And I think I'll enjoy working with the college's students, who are composed of mostly latino upper-twenties peoples.

so, ballyhooo.
Congrats, tonguethrust!
Sounds like a gig that's right up your alley.
It's all starting to come together for you.
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