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Monday, November 03, 2008

the real milleneum-turn, nervousness, election map


Here's a pic via Girlfriday:

Joe the Plumber
I really think The Plumb-Man's got a hot ass, and I've never been able to turn down a feller with focused, eely concentration for constipation and/or leakage. But maybe that's just me.


So, it's finally election day. No more irritating ads of stinking baby diapers, Reverend Wright as a radical, Ayers, etc. No more biting my nails, wondering...

I've really admired how Obama has run this campaign, how he's chosen to represent himself and those who stand by him. He's an incredible 2nd/X generation mixture of the global influx - conservative in the ways that represent the salvation of healthy tradition, and radical in the ways that represent remedy. Anyhow, I actually know now what a "positive" campaign is - it's not something I would've been able to do, as much as I can't stand Palin or the BS McCain has taken to blathering - but it's still wonderful to see.

And I'm really, really nervous about tomorrow; he's the first person I've actually wanted up there. The first person who hasn't been a vote against... after having been guilt-tripped for voting for Nader (in a non-swing state) in the Bush-Gore election, I've since only voted for whomever wasn't Republican and had the best shot at winning. Which seems pretty bogus to me, to feel that kind of pressure. But this time, nope nope nope.

True... I am disappointed by how this election has become one of the worst setbacks for feminism since the 60s hypothetically opened the arena. All I can hope for is that J. Jackson is to Obama what H. Clinton will be to X woman in the futureā€”a starting point but not a defining moment, and that the advent of Palin won't so dilute that substance as to set back feminist politics for a good long time. Regardless of this division and the limitations on what can be simultaneously achieved at any one moment in history, I very much believe in Obama. I'm downright cheesy in fact, to the extent of tossing out a fair amount of cynicism.

I actually wonder what will happen next if Obama's elected. Crossed fingers, knock on wood, and grrrr balleyhoo tooorah hiphiphep c'monnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


And here're two pics of Election Herald, who, as it turns out, loves imminent rainstorms, his godcousin in Germany, and the changing orange-yellow trees as much as I do, this fall! The both of us felt perfectly, exactly happy the other day.

We hope to go for another walk tomorrow, Election Day, to experience the Zen all over again.
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