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Monday, December 08, 2008

decisions, patience, irritation at the recession

To fix old computer = $200, but old computer (laptop) has, according to the repair store, already outlived its life expectancy by 2 years...

On the other hand,

Program software I really, really want in order to do some of my book-layout and twiddling designs and photo stuff (Adobe Creative Suite, Design Premium) = $1,800.

New computer I would need to run these programs off = $2,000 for a desk computer (PC), or $2,700 for a laptop (Mac), etc.

On the first foot,

Rent, Security and Pet Deposites I would need to accumulate in order live in town, minimum = $1,500

And on the other foot, things I should consider to help get me in a better financial and emotional place, plus maybe help me find local friends: My own place, in town (any town). Yoga class. E-learning class. Gym membership.


Well, all things to consider... the endless considering. I went ahead and had my old computer fixed up, but I feel like I have just entered that ticking timebomb stage with the timebomb being wired to imminently destroy my dearest Hardware Baby (Polyhymnia).


P.S. What's up with Obama and his 'change', but with all these old-time centrists in his cabinet? Where exactly are the changes??? He was probably just set up to disappoint and disillusion us... but we'll see. So far, I'm wondering what he's actually going to be about.
it kind of sucks that MFA's don't guarantee jobs that let us buy fancy laptops and pay rent... We need benefactors!!!
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