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Monday, June 28, 2010

The New Studio

Jinx Studio Space
Well, here she is. I like the space... feeling overall pleased, but still somehow unsettled and uninspired. I need to start setting myself some warmup projects to get myself back in the groove. Or the grove. Maybe I'm just nervous?

But it does seem to be coming together. I am almost used to sharing, but not quite. I think it will be happiest using the studio on those days that I'm alone, but maybe I'll actually soon like having the breathing nearby? Anyhow, we've kind of divided up the space and I'm hoping that jw2 is happy with it - we have equal space and she has her easel next to the largest window, but I get the corner, so I get to feel tucked in. She was pretty non-participatory in moving stuff, helping to set up, painting, etc, so I'm telling myself that it's all fair, plus I'm sharing my furniture with her, which makes her a lucky girl.

Jinx Studio Space
The end space is just a sitting area, but the plan is to move the couch and chair when there's an art opening and use these walls for hanging stuff. Artwalk so soon! Too soon, truthfully... I am not ready and will be showing old work, which is a little disappointing. Maybe next artwalk I will have new marvelous work?

Regardless, I am waiting for the blurry vibe. You know... that one.

Jinx Studio Space
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