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Saturday, February 18, 2012

oh whatever

Knowing that I desperately need to make a change that involves Away-From-Bville, it seems strange to dig in and yet I do. I've ordered all my seeds for the season, and it was perfectly delicious, perusing the catalogs, dreaming the new designs--probably the happiest thing I do every year. I ordered half the seeds from a new-to-me local Occupy-affiliated organic non-GMO distributor, and the other half from my regular California organic non-GMO distributor. But then, I went one step further:

Dream Australorp
Dream Rhonde Island Red
Dream Barred Rock
Dream Orloff
The main way I've rationalized such resistance to needed mobility is my long desire to learn how to actually build things. I'm up to the offering of a growler and cigar for CR to teach me some of his much-skill in carpentry, an iota of which I would love to glean. Of course, there are also the adorable chicks, lovely ferocious modern-dinosaurs, and the challenge of getting my dog and mom/CR's dogs to not eat them.

But still, I wonder at myself. I don't write, I don't have but one or two local friends, my reading list is skimpy (rather unintellectual and out-dated, for sure), and I get depressed and bored here so regularly; why do I keep building? Oh, I guess I have family here, and I guess it's beautiful here, I reckon I have a job, and land to dig in, even if it's not mine, but land to dig in. always But Still... But, Wait a Moment... But Maybe and Who Knows... But, If It Could Happen There, Why Not Here?

Feathers feathers quills, little beaks with their levers.
AHHH, YOU GOT CHICKENS!!!! That is so cool. It even looks as if you got a Barred Rock chicken (those are my favorite!). Regardless of how long you stay in bham or how soon you decide to leave, I think your new chicks will bring you lots of joy and hopefully some good eggs too.
Congrats, Bez. You are a chicken owner. Very cool!!! Hugs,
Oh... I should probably clarify!

I don't have the chickens yet, although those are the four types I've ordered. I get three chicks the first week in April and one more two weeks later... although I'm thinking of adding 2-4 more, because my book says to order more than you want. We'll see!

But yesterday I found a coop on Craigslist and bought it! It's totally beautious... so I guess that soon, yes, I will be a chicken owner.
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