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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Sooooo… Bush hasn’t left his white playboy house to find hurtled journalistic-missiles yet. I’m a little confused. Just what is wrong with this nation? Partial answer: desperation.

Let me break it down, as far as I understand it.

Bush is under allegations of having declassified information for political purposes.

What he leaked was information used to discredit a former ambassador who simply suggested, prior to our little war effort, that the information we had regarding “weapons of mass destruction” was Incorrect.

We have since found that it was indeed Incorrect.

Thus, this scandal means that Bush used his clout to suppress Correct information that would have cast doubts on the purposes behind his warmongering. He used this nation’s PTSS, played upon our fears, and used rhetoric to coax people into a war under false auspices. Other people wanted to point out these false auspices. Once again, he breached security measures in order to mislead the public.

As a result:

A war with thousands and thousands of Iraqi citizen deaths.

Over 2,000 dead American soldiers.

Iraq, falling into a bloody civil war.

New Iraqi government shredding itself from within, abetted by American “diplomacy.”

No clear plan for how to stop Iraqi’s civil war.

The Middle-East destabalized as a result.

America quite possibly becomes the most hated aggressive-nation since Nazi-Germany.

Over a billion dollars of national debt.

Cutbacks in most social programs, including loans/grants to students in the arts (direct impact).

Halliburton completely rolling-filthy-rich in blood money. (See the stock increase graphs on this website.)


And now, all of this is directly connected to Bush’s willingness to lie to us. Of course, we eat it up in our fear. Now this has come out in court, and just how likely is it that Bush’s new Supreme appointees are going to give him the good spanking he deserves?

I don’t see anyone in front of the White House, screaming bloody bloody murder.

As a direct result, I am turning to the only thing besides writing and teaching that I am good at.

Charms and Hexes.

“I, jk, do hereby hex you, George Bush. May your genetalia wilt down to your knees and sprout the limbs of all the fetuses you ate when you were in your mother’s womb. May your own daughters poison you. May you sit in the third ring of hell with your head tilted upward, your mouth open, and the red skies pouring your own feces down to your full craven gullet.

“Cheney, you don’t get away. I hex you to the shotgun spray of all your cronies as they look back at you, lashed to the ship’s outhouse, from their leaky lifeboats. Down in nineth ring of hell, I hope Dante stumbles upon you and accidentally kicks you in your blue-lipped sneer.

“All of Bush’s advisors—Ashcroft, Gonzales, Rove, Rumsfield, Rice. I hex you to a lifetime of seeing yourself through the eyes of those who hate you the most. Don’t worry, the splattered mud of the eighth circle, nineth bolge will wait until all that is over.”
My God! Remind me never to piss you off! Don't get me wrong... Bush and his whole fucking administration deserve such a hexing. I just wouldn't want to be them right now (or ever for that matter).
oh, my hexes are potent ones. but so are my charms (haha)...

fortunately, it takes a lot to send me into one of my Hexing Wraths.
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