n. infantile pattern of suckle-swallow movement in which the tongue is placed between incisor teeth or between alveolar ridges during initial stage of swallowing (if persistent can lead to various dental abnormalities) v. [content removed due to Bush campaign to clean up the internet] n. act of nyah-nyah v. pursuing with relentless abandon the need to masticate and thrust the world into every bodily incarnation in order to transform it, via the act of salivation, into nutritive agency

Friday, June 09, 2006

between moss & a vine

My uncle Jay Ratlow drove his old Chevy into the blackberry banks along the outskirts of my paternal family homestead on the evening after an afternoon’s conversation with his boss. Boss said, “Seeing a lot of people these days giving up on their dreams.”

“I guess so,” said Uncle Rat, and you could see he was nervous from the get go, because this pronouncement was coming from a boss that Uncle Rat liked, but felt confused about.

[the rest has been back-drafted. you know, for reasons.]
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