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Friday, January 18, 2008

election fun

I've been trying to catch up with what's going on in the elections - mostly because I don't have TV and I had been so intensely focusing on my art project that I got behind in world and national news. But watching my sister, brolaw and their friends get riled up at the cabin, and call in to a grandfather to find out about the Ohio elections, well, it reminded me that I need to understand more about what's going on.

It's some odd stuff. And here's the tracker I'm using, although it doesn't really help me understand the sway of things.

My overall response to the Republican candidates:

Romney, even though he's entirely creepy, seems the most likely to me to win the bid. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it's McCain either. But Romney somehow seems to have that "look" the folks do so love to get behind - young and slick. I hope he doesn't get it though. I disagree with almost everything he says unless it's healthcare options.

And I'd be surprised if Huckabee, who disgusts me in so very many ways, gets the bid; he seems too polarizing, and surely people will understand soon that he doesn't know anything about politics, only about the Lord and how He wants Things to Be. Jesus seems pretty despotic these days. But that Huckabee is even running scares me, because it indicates a further erosion of a principle tenet of our Constitution; duh, like division between State and Religion. How is it that people are forgetting how many of our original colonies were founded on outcasts seeking to get away from nationally condoned religious persecution? Is he getting the support he seems to be getting because he's running with Colbert on his ticket (ha)?

Giuliani married a cousin, and Ron Paul makes too much sense part of the time... so they don't really have a chance, I would guess.

So, my prediction is that Romney wins the primary, although McCain would be more hopeful for the U.S. future.

My overall response to the Democrat candidates:

I really hope that Obama gets it. If Clinton wins, I think there's just too much a legacy of hatred towards the Clintons and women for her to win the Presidency. My dad, who claims he's a feminist, said he won't vote Democrat if Clinton is the candidate, but he will for anyone else (he's really into Richardson, but I find Richardson too conservative, and also wobbly on economic topics like Social Security).

I don't really like Clinton very much either though, to tell you the truth - I've watched her in the debates, and she's evasive too frequently. She laughs at the criticisms others toss at her, but never satisfactorily answers the concerns they raise. That she signed the Iran bill is disgusting, and she simply does not seem like a consensus-builder. She is very smart though.

Kucinich is someone I truly admire, but like Ron Paul, he's too extreme within the party to be able to get anything done as President. He's too didactic in how he expresses the views that I inevitably agree with and sometimes embarrasses me because I agree with him but wish he could be firm and articulate and ethical without little spittles of saliva flying from the corners of his mouth. Anyhow, I'm glad he's running, and that he's on the stage to challenge the others, and raise some important questions about our election and debate practices.

I also find the others (I heard word that some dropped out?) compelling as well - Biden and Dodd are intelligent and firm. & I only recently stopped thinking of Edwards as a straight-shooter - again, I didn't like how he presented himself in the debates - very defensive, and also I could have sworn that he said "the greatest task of the president will be..." for four or five different topics. How can they all be the greatest task?

All around, I respect the way Obama presents himself. He's so piercing in how he answers questions - directly and intelligently, considering what others have actually said. He listens, and doesn't rampage. I know he's criticized on lack of experience, but I think he'd command a great deal of respect around the world and in the U.S.

Anyhow, I will vote hardcore Democrat no matter who gets the bid, because each and every one of them is better than the options on the other side of the table. And may God prevent us from Huckabee.


If anyone has any great, balanced and informative sites online for me to pay better attention to what's going on, I'd appreciate it though, as I recognize that most of my friends are better informed than I am right now. Sigh.
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