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Monday, September 08, 2008

it troubles me

I just read this on one of the endless news banners:
About the most [Hillary Clinton would] say about Palin is that she and Republican presidential candidate John McCain "are not the change that we need."

Former Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson is dismissing any notion the Obama campaign would dispatch Clinton to take on Palin, as much as he thinks some people would revel in seeing the two strong women butt heads.

"Don't hold your breath," he wrote in his New Republic blog. "Clinton-Palin might drive ratings and sell magazines, but it wouldn't be good for the Democratic Party, or the cause of women's rights. Some might enjoy the spectacle, but don't expect Hillary Clinton to play along."
Something about this freaks me out. Hard to touch, but... I think Hillary Clinton has an obligation to the women whose votes she had holyrolling down her side. You know, the obligation to not let the accomplishments of those who've worked for feminist ideals, progress and Hillary's own political progress be stolen by those who will use the idealistic language, but reject the actual character.

You know, I do appreciate the whole not setting womens on womens approach - based sheerly on my experience of Jr. High and my well-acknowledged experience that women do more to destroy each other than men ever dreamed of. But.

I'm sick of Democrats doing this to themselves. I really am. It is not for the Republicans who have resisted so many genuine efforts to reform corruption to deceitfully claim these efforts that they rejected when it wasn't in their own interest.

How many times did we hear them say 'gender (or race) card'? How many times did they punch the ticket of their fat rich intolerant whitemale card before turning to the very thing they resisted to find their new, disguised source of power?

It's not fair or right for liberals to be such jackasses as to give in for the sake of personal notions of good, mannered behavior. Or political revenge. So:
Dear Hillary (this is my personal telepathic message),

I listened to the speech you gave at the Democratic Convention. I heard you at the primary debates. Not to mention that I listened to the people who believed in what you said, and then I genuinely considered you as presidential potential. Ultimately, I admired your strength if not your political stance.

But speaking to this moment. You owe it to American women to disconnect yourself from the bogus rhetoric of Palin. You owe it to yourself to speak to the difference between your glass ceiling and Palin's. She is not a feminist. She is not someone for you to protect. The ideals you supported during the campaign are, however.

Please use your power to support what's been fought for and what needs to be fought for. It's not 'playing along' to demand that your achievements not be commandeered by those who will use them, and ours, to achieve very different, certainly problematic ends.

Sincerely, Me
I really hope that folks can pull together on this stuff.

Certainly, the language is becoming more and more important. So many people seem to reject voting from actual life, instead voting in the context of their own Lala-Land of Personal Value. Because of America's growing cowardice. Because all folks want to focus on is Roe vs. Wade and Homophobic protection because they are too petrified to face economic strife, failing banks, global warming, limited resources, and in general, the changing nature of the universe. Peoples: focusing political attention on these personal beliefs is not going to make your life, or anyone's including God's, better in the slightest.

Grow a pair, seriously, and I don't care if it's testes or ovaries, but not everything is about taking care of only yourself for the next 3.14159 years. Ug.


I went down to the Whatcom Democrat Center today with SP, and bought signs & bumper stickers. And signed up for volunteer work. SP said when we left the center, "Well, that was less than I hoped for." Seriously.

Shoved into a one-room studio space, the folks at the Democrat Center seemed too concerned with their own fascinating analysis to even really say Hey, ask why we were there, and tell us about what's going on, or what we can do.

I know it's a blue state, but I still think it'll take more than that.


On my daily Pleased with the World Notes. The weather has been perfect lately. Hallelujah!
-This week I should hear back about the interview (or figure it timely to call about said interview). There's not been anything lately even remotely appealing to apply to, so let's all bow our head in deep prayer.

-I danced with a cutie Saturday night after my irritated post, and immediately felt better.

-My mom's doing well. She's pretty damn cute too.

-The sister's dog apparently does better just one-on-one with the pup. She spent too much time today concerned with policing to even get a picture in. She's a taskmaster. She's a fascist pigpup.

-Herald puked twice in my car after playing with the other dogs at the dog park and drinking too much saltwater even though I yelled at him every time he did that. How does one get the puppies to stop drinking saltwater?

-KX, you sly dog. I didn't even notice it was The Onion at first. Hmph. Hummingbirds are Sexy Miniature Rockstars of Natural Violence! Rah!

-My sis found an apartment abroad and is soon done with her intensive first 1.5 months. I still reject that she is so far away (mentally), but it sounds like it'll be less stressful and more settling for her soon. Excellent.... so when I win the billion-dollar lottery I never buy tickets for, I can go visit without being toooo much of a burden (not sharing a cardboard box)! In the meantime, I try not to beat her dog with a stick too many times per day.

-Here's my new favorite show that is so hilarious I actually feel happy (top 3 faves):

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