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Sunday, February 08, 2009

gallery opening in Seattle

Next weekend's the opening of my friend Jennifer Towner's exhibition, which takes place in Seattle at a relatively newish co-op gallery called Crawl Space. Jen and I were in SAIC's Text Off the Page class together - the class in which we did a number of public pieces and I first started thinking about photographs in tandem with writing. I still remember Jennifer's exhibition piece for that class: a one-line journal hand-typed across hundreds of used/pressed coffee filters. Labor intensive and rather eerily beautiful, for darn sure (who'd a thought of coffee filters as the perfect canvas for rumination), and the creative response done by Dan Beachy-Quick and Alex Jovanovich was a-maz-ing and very funny.

This exhibition, as far as I can tell, is also going to be funny as well as being a simultaneously wry roll-of-the-eyes and wistful daydream about reality/reality shows. Basically, it is a series of photo/video/blog documentations of Jennifers's attempts to get on, and get ready for, the TV show Survivor.

Jennifers's Exhibition Postcard
Jennifers's Exhibition Postcard
Also, I had the opportunity to write the creative response for this piece... It'll be there... Food for thought.

Anyhow, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to the opening, despite the fact that it's a Luau-style alternative to the evils of Balentines Day... but I do plan on going to at least one of the three Saturday shows. Bvillers carpooling away.
The calendar of events will be coming shortly.

I'm looking forward to the Survival Skills Sunday on March 1. Come and learn how to make fire and build shelter 40 year old woman style!

But then again there's endurance day on Sunday the 8th... good times for all!
yes, post the calendar here please... I'm notoriously bad about such details.
I am headed for Seattle on Friday the 13th, one way or another. My sis is playing with her band in Pioneer square. Do you want to carpool. I will pitch in for gas if you drive.

Let me know.
Just so you know... it's not really luau themed... there might be pineapple though.
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