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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

a blessed few weeks

Today is my last class of the quarter, tomorrow my last day at school, and next Monday or Tuesday the last day for me to turn in grades. I'm not looking forward to all the grading... I had 100% retention in my one graded class, which means I have 25 research portfolios (approximately 400 pages) to read. I have been grading-as-I-go, but still... lots of reading.

But then! Break! I know it's a little silly but I'm really, very excited about planning my creative writing class next quarter! It's going to be speeeeeecial and incorporate everything I've loved about creative writing classes in the past, and nothing I hate (workshops). I've already been planning, planning, planning. But I have to read too and start gathering reading materials to scan in. That part is less fun, but still fun.

Last night, I got together with two co-workers from the college, and SP joined up later. We had ritzy drinks and talked and talked... it ended up being a perfect fusion between shop-talk and non-shop-talk. I've been frustrated with conversations with my friends because 98% of what NM talks about is teaching and the other 2% is her health and well-being practices, and I've forgotten what it's like almost (well, except for SP) to have an interesting conversation that doesn't make me feel like my life is all teaching, nothing else. The two co-workers are rather interesting characters - very different in personality although similar I think in outlook. One is reserved and disciplined, mysterious; the other outgoing, jumbled, quirky. Both of them are smart though, and several times perked my ears with thoughts I hadn't thought of before. Twas lovely.

And today I'm going to take Herald on a walk to celebrate less than two weeks of waning light, and a few weeks of pause before the next storm.
I've been reading your blog for quite a while now. I couldn't 'follow' it because I wasn't using Blogger but I just recently made my blog so now I am following. (:
I actually accidently opened it up and I couldn't stop reading. I love the fact that you teach, as it's something I want to do later on after college. Creating Writing class huh? (: In my country universities don't offer that class and I want to bring Creative Writing as a major here when I'm obviously done with my education.
I hope you have a great time teaching!
Thank you, Aseela... I'll have to keep an eye on your blog too.

I hadn't really thought about whether other nations taught creative writing in college... interesting! I think it's something that has grown in the past 30 years in America. There are many new programs, and perhaps too many graduates. :) But I think it shows the longing have for creativity incorporated into our other jobs and the rest of our life.
Oh my blog isn't even half as intellectual as yours! It's just childish rambling. Keeps me occupied when I'm bored.
I would love to opt for creative writing.
But I live in Pakistan and unfortunately we don't have it here.
I'm smiling... I don't tend to think of my blog as intellectual either. I like your formulation of ramblings to keep oneself occupied.

Pakistan! It feels good to speak to someone so far away!
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