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Monday, October 15, 2007

bleep bleeep bleeeeeeep bleeeeeeeeep

Please go see this post, after reading the below. I'm curious what you all think.

"I've been asked to remove X's name. Actually, I haven't been asked, word has been passed around via a friend about my unprofessional behavior in posting candidate names. Basically, the idea is that this process was a private process, and what I've said here could damage X's bid at tenure elsewhere now that we've rightfully nixed X.

I have to say I'm a little flattered that they'd think the words of some semi-anonymous computer dweeb thousands of miles away could affect their decision about X's work and teaching abilities.

I'm also of three minds:

One being that this is censorship.

Two that X does have a right to challenge any cyber-assessment of her. It could be that I'm a little shit who is spreading malicious gossip, for instance.

And Three, was this really a private process that I, in bad form, broke? Everybody at SAIC was invited to these lectures, and the announcements of their lectures were posted on the internet. Is it just because I panned X that it's supposed to be private? Or by making an internal process public, did I fuck up unwittingly? What do you think...?"

Also of note is that the same prof who spread word around asking that I remove the name said some really shitty things during the hiring process.

She dumped shit on our class after X blew it in there, telling another student (not in my presence) that I "should have shut the fuck up," because I contradicted X at some point - trying, lamely, actually to give X an opportunity to shift away from the weighty silence that had descended and start a new tack. This other person also ragged at some of the other profs at our school, in public, with other students and also in my presence, in a way that involved the words "fucking bitch" and "control freak."

I dislike this teacher, mainly because I don't respect her approach to professional behavior. Ironic that she's trying to give me lessons. Especially as I decided not to bring this dispute up to the department head, which was requested at some point, and to instead walk away (to another department actually).
Brava, lady!
Thanks. weird. scary. I've received three emails so far about this. hope it all blows over.
what's to blow over? who are you anyway and why have you not written me to discuss this privately if you think my concerns are somehow unfounded?
i'm not trying to attack you. i'm only trying to get word to someone who missed the memo (from beth & sara, not me) that all members of the community were to respect the professional privacy of any & all candidates who applied for jobs here last year.
& as for internet announcements of candidates, professional courtesy is that those are limited to dept. announcements & internal portals,
the reason being simply the fact of someone's application could jeopardize that person's future with their home institution, who may not be happy to hear they're out shopping around. get it? it has nothing to do with whether you liked or didn't like the somebody. it's that the fact of their application could signal to their home institution a lack of commitment.

i was asked to serve as an external reviewer for one of these candidates who is up for tenure this year. when i scanned the internet for that candidate, your blog popped right up to reveal that person was on the market last year. someone on the committee might see what you've written. whether positive or negative, that could jeopardize her tenure & likewise damage our program's professional reputation.
look, i have no idea who you are, but you clearly have problems with me. let's not let them screw up somebody else's life, huh? why not discuss your beef with me face to face, esp. rather than listening to and putting quotation marks around gossip. come on. let's sit down and have a conversation. i'd welcome the opportunity.

as for removing the posts, it was a request. you've heard my reasoning. i've tried to explain the consequences.
do what you you think is right.

I always do what I think is right. yes, I do think about it, thank you.

[d.s. Who are you? Seriously, the blogging world is an ephemeral institution at best, and made of semi-entities who wash around in this cyber-TV-advertisement Thing that makes identity a fluctuating entity. I could be talking to a person in Telukbatang, Indonesia. And you could be smoking crack with a pipe between your knees. But damn, you sound so fucking reasonable. But really, janet, you could be anybody I know and not anybody by the initials of jd. You could be a friend trying to rile me up, who knows (all I know is that you are from chicago and your url is most likely 69.219.169.# ).

To answer your second question, I am nobody. I am a student without any power but my words and reactions, if that might be called power.

As to the second part of question number two, I did not contact you because until I received three accusational emails in a row via other people, I did not know there was too much of a beef. Actually, that whole receiving three emails from Chicago and Denver felt very much like an attack.

What I thought was… I wrote about an interesting hiring process and didn’t think it a big deal. I thought X was horrifying. And I thought that things about the whole hiring process seemed to get way out of hand and screwed up in contrast with the life I consider important. So be it, that’s the deal with being a student.

So is not really knowing whom I’m having a conversation with. And by the way, at this point I’m not even about to volunteer any information about my own identity. If you’re so interested, you could browse through my very random and anonymous blog (I have a readership of about 12 people, three of whom are in my family, three of whom are ex-girlfriends {one of whom hates me because I told her to fuck off and meant it}, about four of whom are SAIC students, and one, a UK painter I don’t know at all. The extra is random. By the way, I have a sitemeter and before today, the keyword searches using X numbered 2. You and someone else I suppose. After your email zing, quite a bit larger, thanks so much. I.e. why do you fucking care?) and find out because I’m not going to change anything about my history to suit you.

Anyway: if the participants of the tenure track deal at X’s school don’t know about the randomness and unreliability of blogs, they are really stupid. And if they do know and still think what I say is important, well, shit, I must be some kind of guru or something. Either way, I think what needs to blow over is your email launch on my life.

(blogs are for the students, not for the committees)

By the way, I’ve asked since then, and apparently quotationmark-confidentiality-quotationmark is meant to protect the students from inquests by people in particular positions to disturb their life as students (and so forth), as puny little dustmotes caught up in a larger world of academic institution. As people trying to focus on whatever the motherfuckinghell they are trying to do. Apparently, by being a student at SAIC, I have a hope at receiving SAIC’s support in my life. I really hope that’s true.

And I will respect the idea that maybe schools are so fucked up in the US that they worry about which of their profs is applying elsewhere, but really, I thought the hiring thing was a very public deal that involved many people. I thought you were the one supposed to be confidential-like. yeah, don't worry, i get it though.

Anyhow, I have a class tomorrow, so I’m going to bed now. I already changed the deal on X’s post—unwillingly, angrily, and with huge resentment. That is… I think you are an ass. I think you really need to consider the place you have in people’s lives, the power you have to scare folks, and maybe relaunch a new method of meeting people intellectually. I would have removed X’s info if you’d posted an honest straight-forward, and non-fascist comment to me, and I did anyway, but mostly because you are a bully and I caved in, and not because of any reasoning you tried to come up with.

So in the wise words of Tenzin Gyatso: Ciao.
(not url, sorry, but IP address: 69.219.169.#) could also be 24.14.38.#.

hard to tell. right around the same time though.

shit. must to bed.
I'm no longer a student, I'm happy to post names and whatnots on my blog. jwizard.tumblr.com

Intimidating a student seems the most unprofessional of behaviors. Also talking about other students in front of other students...heighth of professionalism.

Happy to be in the fray. Happy to no longer be at SAIC. But missing you ALL THE TIME!
love ya, babe.

thanks for your and everybody's Good Word. all the people who received the emails were awesome.

think it'll all be fine.
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