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Sunday, February 24, 2008

bush chides senate

Yes... on how giving corporations the right to ignore constitutional rights at the whim of the unchecked executive branch saves YOU!

Interesting... Bush has spun this as Democrats endorsing multi-billion dollar lawsuits against True Patriots.

Hmmm... Last I knew, those who broke the law (especially for crimes slightly more pressing than smoking pot) opened themselves up to prosecution. But wait a second, is that a tear I see dripping down from your dewy eyes?

I guess, Daddy G, I should rush to my office, bend myself over the one chair left in the house (thanks to roommate), lower my drawers, and paddle this ignorant poor-girl lesbo hinie, preferably while video-taping it for you boys, just to show my support for anti-terrorism big heart lovingness of those who do just as requested in moments that pale in comparison.

Ten to one, the Democrats cave on this issue within the month. I'm curious and afeard. I'm also a betting gal.


Another cheery note: I find the Don Siegalman prosecution, and the debate that's spun up around it, crazy interesting. I'm beginning to fret about whether I'm a conspiracy nut, or whether things really are this crazy? Why have Republicans and Democrats become each other's #1 enemy?
did u ever see a documentary called Horns and Halos, by any chance?

your post reminds me of the story around Jim Hatfield, who first "biographized" the truth about Bush and then paid an awful price...

(see also: this)
no, I haven't seen it, but now I will.

awful price, huh? eesh.
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