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Monday, February 06, 2006


of those that caught my interest:

Budget Too Big? Let's Get Streamlined.

Bush plans on reducing the federal deficit by increasing defense spending by 6.9% and also increasing homeland defense by 3.3%.

Hmmmm.... how does this work?

Let's guess.

Yep, you got it: he wants to whack back everything about the government that nurtures rather than destroys. He's planning on health care coverage cuts--since it's the most generous health care plan in the world, obviously--and educational cuts--since we're over-educated as a nation--etc i don't want to know.

Reaction: ug, disgusted. Fuck off, you fucker President. You got Alito, you're giving more money to Taking Down AIDs with Jesus, and you don't believe in global warming. Please go away now.

(photo taken from www.mindfully.org)

Also Depressing: Fights over cartoons, riots, burnings, death, etc.

What do I think about recent Cartoons about Muslims? Well, I think it's a test of free speech, no? I was curious about what all of these cartoons looked like, and it took me 10 google searches to find the now explosive cartoons, some of which are offensive and others of which are self-reflexive on the process of looking at others.

Here, look for yourself.

I think overall, it's interesting to see what riles people up. I find the old WWII images of Japanese folks, for instance, quite despicable and racist, mainly because they were used as propaganda. But I wonder about these... What do you think: why is this worth a fight?


Well, here is a good blog, always a nice find: Hategun.

Also on a much more positive note, I found this article hilarious for the following reasons:

1) There's actually a telescope facility in Chile called the "Very Big Telescope" facility.

2) There's a particle out there with the acronym Wimp, and it is the "most likely candidate" to be the material that makes up dark matter.

3) Phillip Pullman, author of the Dark Materials series for children, likens dark matter to consciousness, or the love of matter for matter.

4) We used to think dark matter is cold, now we think it might be hot. This changes the way we should think of dark matter.

5) Apparently, the Milky Way is very big. Bigger than we thought. Maybe the biggest in our universe. Go ego!
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