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Sunday, December 20, 2009

weird does not mean

bad, to those sensitives of the older generation.

I think one of my big fears for the Winter Break, before the next quarter of two uber-full English 101 classes, is that the time just passes lickety-split, by way of visitors and gift exchanges and too much food and the depressing corridor between 2pm (after the lovely stockinged morning but before the okay, something must happen next) and 6pm Xmas day when the visitors show up and eat pie with us.

Well, today was certainly interesting and really quite weird. Not just passing the corridor.

It started for me with a morning text message from my mother's business partner, asking me what I was doing and whether I'd be interested in "meeting someone" then progressing to "for coffee" then to "I'll bring the coffee" then to "at her biking shop, she's hot." Quotations in this case being my means of paraphrasing. I groggily agreed to meet up... chuckling to myself about the ways straight people have of setting up queer people. Flashing back to the film Grand Canyon, where the white people set up the only two black people they know, and for some odd reason, it making sense.

Somehow in my imagination, this simply meant going to a bike shop and being introduced to someone.

But apparently this was not just a talked-about thing between myself and my mom's business partner, but between my mom's business partner and everyone else, including the person I was meeting, whom, I very quickly realized, had been told she was meeting me and that I was a prospect and that a date would be, should be forthcoming. That was the weird part. The conversation was the weirder part, and it made me blush repeatedly. The nice part however is that I would actually like a date with this person.

I mean, I have long since stopped pulling punches, and have let it be known to the near and dear that if someone seems cool, then they should not be shy about introducing me to the someone who seems cool.

Anyhow, the woman I was so very bizarrely introduced to today is a bit older than me. Strange, I've never thought about going on a date with someone significantly (more than 5 years) older than me. It's not that I have objections; it's more that I've never really thought about it. I've always wanted a relationship that, no matter what it means, is about equality and balance. For me, that has meant sticking pretty much to my age range. But all weirdness aside, it struck me today that it's always possible that equality and balance has less to do with age than I thought.

That's not to say that I've jumped the gun (I don't think that's possible for me anymore), but to say that a date with this person who is older than me suddenly seems like a good idea. I guess I liked her...

despite the fact that I spent most of the afternoon bursting into quiet, heaving laughter about the awkward set-up. Fucking hi-laaaarious, I'm telling you.
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